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7th Annual

proudly presented by Notre Dame Catholic School

FL Spring Hill18 (1).png
FL Spring Hill18 (1).png


The Field of Honor® programs include moving tributes of honor, celebration, anniversaries, civic pride, education and more. The Field of Honor® display is utilized by a wide variety of civic, service, Rotary and other non-profit organizations to generate awareness, raise funds and educate the public on issues that are important to them.

Each field consists of a decidedly visual display of flags, wherein each flag represents something of significance as determined by the host organization.


We, Notre Dame Catholic School, began hosting a Field of Honor® in 2017, with our first annual event. 

The organization Healing Field National Foundation® are the founders of the program. It was founded in 2002 to honor the lives of those lost in the September 11th terrorist attacks. Since that time, communities across the country like ours have participated in similar flag events.


Our Veteran’s Day Field of Honor®, the only one in the state of Florida, will pay tribute to local members of our armed forces (past and present) and also recognize men and women in our community who devote their lives to serving others.

To learn more about the founders of Field of Honor click here!

This video is from our 2020 Virtal Event Due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

This video clip is from Baynews9.
It was from our
field of honor in 2017.

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