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A Stop at Notre Dame for the HCCA!

The Horseless Carriage Club of America (HCCA) was in town for their National board meeting in Brooksville on April 5th. While in town, they planned out a driving tour that included a stop at Notre Dame Catholic School. On Wednesday, April 6th the Notre Dame Catholic School children from grades Kindergarten to 8th grade were treated to an antique car show with over 35 cars dating back from before 1916! Many of the cars were over 100 years old! The children were able to sit in the vehicles, blow horns and pretend to drive. They learned all about the transition from Horse drawn transportation to the Horseless Carriage; what was used for fuel; how did they steer; etc. The middle school students spent time in their English and History Curriculum on Monday and Tuesday before Wednesday's show learning all about this amazing time in history with the transitions from horse drawn to Horseless Carriage. Third graders researched the HCCA website and were prepared with many questions for the drivers. They were also very happy to see what they researched come to life out on the front drive of their school!

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