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8th Grade - March for Life

We all had a great experience at March for Life this year!

The 8th graders not only learned just how important it is to stand up for children who can't speak for themselves, but they received a tremendous hands on education on the needs of many and how important it is to stand for the integrity and well being of all. Seeing first hand the poverty of some (people sleeping on the streets in 15 degree weather) had an impact on our students as they realized (some for the first time) that not everyone has the luxury of a good home with heat and air conditioning, TV, internet and computer games!

The students also saw just how big, how strong and how committed our Catholic Church is! They saw tens of thousands of CATHOLICS, many just like them, marching for the life of the unborn. Most never realized just how strong a group we as Catholics are together!

Our 8th graders also got to see so much history from the actual Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, the theatre where President Lincoln was shot, the Museum of Natural History, The Air and Space Museum, and most specially an inside tour of the White House!

Lastly, our students bonded spiritually and emotionally during this trip by making friendships that will probably now last forever.

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