Educational Investment Fundraiser

Benefiting Notre Dame Catholic School


The Educational Investment Fundraiser is Notre Dame Catholic School's largest fundraiser.

100% of your contributions stay within our school, supporting the students!

Your stewardship would be a force in keeping Catholic education alive in our community and
will give us the ability to continue to enhance the programs that are offered. The Annual
Educational Investment Fundraiser drawing gives you the option of sharing an entry with up to
four entrants per ticket. There will be 4 drawings throughout the year beginning in February 2020.
The prize for each drawing will be $5,000.  If the entries are split among entrants, the winnings
will be divided proportionally. All winning entries will be returned back into the barrel for all
remaining drawings. To be included in all 4 drawings, entries must be received by January 31, 2020.
The first drawing will be February 25, 2020 and the additional drawings will continue monthly
with the last drawing in May 2020. A total of $20,000 will be awarded to the 4 drawings winners.
Winners will be published monthly in parish bulletins and on the school’s website,  It will help improve and further develop the educational opportunities
and environment of the students of Notre Dame Catholic School.






For more information, please call (352) 683-0755 or email


Notre Dame Catholic School is a non-profit educational facility part of the Catholic School System of

the Diocese of St. Petersburg. Notre Dame is supported by the parishes of the Diocese of

St. Petersburg. Drawings will be held on the following dates in 2020: February 25, March 24,

April 21, and May 26 at 8am at Notre Dame Catholic School. The requested donation for each ticket

shall be $100. No purchase or contribution is necessary in order to enter the drawings as required

under Florida Statue 849.0935.  All drawings will be held at Notre Dame Catholic School. All proceeds

from the fundraiser are used to directly support the educational experience of all students attending

Notre Dame Catholic School. Please contact Notre Dame for details.


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